Philosophical Blog Posts aims to curate substantive blog posts in broadly analytic philosophy. While the construal of 'analytic' is broad, the construal of 'philosophy' is narrow and traditional. There are already plenty of aggregators of blog posts which are interesting and philosophical in a broader sense.

PBP is the successor project of the much-beloved Philosophers' Carnival, and aims to fill a similar niche. As already mentioned, there are plenty of aggregators of blog posts of broadly philosophical intellectual interest. Also, there are plenty of places, like Daily Nous and Leiter Reports, where you can find links to more newsy stuff, discussion of issues in the profession, and the like. But nowhere else offers such a high concentration of links to substantive philosophical blog posts.

I aim to include as much as I can, but in the case of particularly prolific authors - or author; I really just mean Alexander Pruss - I have to cherry-pick.

In addition to bi-monthly editions of PBP here, there is a facebook feed featuring a more continuous stream of links.

How can I suggest inclusions? 

Just post a comment on the most recent edition with links to your suggestions! Feel free to link to your own work. I will keep tabs, and if a new blog gets on my radar I may start to include posts from it myself in subsequent editions. Or you can email me at tristanhaze@gmail,com.

Why don't you mention authors' names, or the name of the blog linked to, or say anything about the blog posts you choose?

Just to make it easier to keep doing this project on an ongoing basis. As I see it, the post title is the most important thing, and you can look at the URL to see which blog it's from.

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